Mould-Free Fodder

Barley grass is considered the most nutritional of the green grasses containing an abundance of nutrients.  To ensure that your livestock get the most out of this highly nutritious food source, it must be produced in a way that prevents mould growth within the fodder.

A Safer Way to Feed

Despite the incredible potential for fodder as a superior and economical animal feed, fodder systems supplied by other manufactures in the past have always made it a challenge to grow fodder without mould or mildew.  In many cases, mould made reliable, large-scale fodder production impossible.  Through world leading innovation and good design, our systems will produce high quality, mould free fodder day and and day out, regardless of the physical size of the system.  

The Problem: Mould

  • 1000kg of grain comes with 100 billion mould spores
  • Sprouts and mould grow in a warm, wet environment
  • Many moulds are toxic to livestock and humans
  • Mould control has limited the use of sprouts as a livestock feed
  • Excessive use of mould-controlling chemicals can cause damage to enzymes in the sprouts, animals consuming the sprouts, and humans who consume animal’s milk and meat

The Solution: Agritom’s Innovative System Design

Agritom have spent 10 years developing a sprouting system that successfully prevents mould.  Our approach is multifaceted and safe plus it does not require additional time and labour on your part.  

Mould prevention requires:

  • Quality materials and system design
  • Grain preparation using Agritom’s equipment and techniques
  • Reliable climate control and ventilation
  • Advanced growing techniques

Why Buy an Agritom Fodder System?

A fodder system, whether you build it yourself, or buy it from a fodder system manufacturer, represents a substantial investment.  Don’t risk you investment.  An Agritom Fodder System is a proven and tested hydroponic sprouting unit which allows you to grow mould-free fodder right from the start.  In addition, our yields per kilogram of grain are among the highest in the industry.  High yields combined with no production lost to mould means substantial savings in ongoing operating costs compared to other fodder systems.

Interested in Farming with an Agritom Fodder System?

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