Transportable Fodder Systems

Agritom Fodder Systems are suitable for all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions.  Our range of Container Fodder Systems are transportable making them extremely quick and easy to install.

Container Fodder Systems

The Agritom series of Containerised Fodder Systems are designed to fulfil a specific set of customer requirements:

  • Minimal assembly required.  
  • 100% self-contained.  Customer is only required to provide a level pad and water and electrical connections.
  • Mobile and doesn’t require a permanent foundation.
  • Scalable.  Can be sized to meet the needs of any operation ranging from 100kg per day of fodder production up to multiple tons.
  • Incorporates Agritom’s industry leading sprouting technology, labour reductions and mould-free fodder production capabilities.
  • Meets Agritom’s climate control standards to ensure best possible growing conditions.
  • Easily shipped worldwide.

AGR-100 Fodder System

The AGR-100 Fodder System has 56 trays and can produce 100kg of fresh fodder per day.


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AGR-175 Fodder System

The AGR-175 Fodder System has 98 trays and can produce 175kg of fresh fodder per day.


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AGR-250 Fodder System

The AGR-250 Fodder System has 147 trays and can produce 250kg of fresh fodder per day.


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AGR-350 Fodder System

The AGR-350 Fodder System has 196 trays and can produce 350kg of fresh fodder per day.


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AGR-500 Fodder System

The AGR-500 Fodder System has 294 trays and can produce 500kg of fresh fodder per day.


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AGR-750 Fodder System

The AGR-750 Fodder System has 441 trays and can produce 750kg of fresh fodder per day.


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AGR-900 Fodder System

The AGR-900 Fodder System has 504 trays and can produce 900kg of fresh fodder per day,


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AGR-1200 Fodder System

The AGR-1200 Fodder System has 672 trays and can produce 1200kg of fresh fodder per day.


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A New Way to Farm

It is a well accepted fact that feeding Farm Animals is incomplete without including green fodder in their diet. Green Fodder is a staple feed for most Farm Animals and Agritom Fodder Systems enable it to be produced 365 days a year. 

The Agritom Container Fodder System is a great addition to any farm as it will allow the producer to increase their carrying capacity without the cost of purchasing additional land.

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