ECO F1500Fodder System

AGR-900 Fodder System

The AGR-900 Fodder System has 432 trays and can produce 900 to 1350kg of fresh fodder per day.

AUD $64,900*

USD $42,200*

*Price does not include GST or Sales Taxes.  
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AGR-900 Technical Specifications:

Product Code : AGR-900,
Recommended Daily Capacity : 900kg.
Seed to Fodder Conversion : 1 unit of seed produces 7 – 10 units of fodder.
Climate Control: Fully automatic.
Sterilisation: Integrated ozone and UV sterilisation technology.
Grow Lights: LED.
Body Material : Anti-bacterial FRP (Fibre reinforced polyester).
Room Dimensions : 12.0 m L × 2.4 m W x 2.9 m H (40 ft x 8 ft x 10 ft).
Total Tray Quantity : 504.
Rack Material : Anodised aluminium rack system.
Irrigation System : PVC pipes and cleanable sprayer nozzles.
Warranty: 12 months.

A New Way to Farm

It is a well accepted fact that feeding Farm Animals is incomplete without including green fodder in their diet. Green Fodder is a staple feed for most Farm Animals and Agritom Fodder Systems enable it to be produced 365 days a year. 

The Agritom AGR-900 Fodder System is a great addition to any small farm as it will allow the producer to increase their carrying capacity without the cost of purchasing additional land.

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