AGR-2000 Fodder System

AGR-3600SP Fodder System

The AGR-3600SP Fodder System can produce up to 3,600 kilograms of fresh, green fodder per day.

AUD $135,300*

USD $90,800*

*Price does not include GST or Sales Tax.

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 AGR-3600SP Technical Specifications:

Product Code: AGR-3600SP.
Capacity: Up to 3,600 kilograms per day.
Body Material: Polyurethane foam injected insulated panel.
Room Dimensions: 17m x 10m x 3m (W*L*H).
Total Tray Quantity: 1,960.
Climate Control: Automatic cooling, heating, and air quality control.
Irrigation System: PVC pipes and cleanable spray nozzles.
Disinfection: Integrated ozone generator and UV system.
Water Reservoir: PE water tank with 1,250 litres of capacity.
Control Unit: Digital Agritom AOS controller.
Filtration: Integrated 20” 10 micron and 5 micron cartridge filter unit.
Light System: LED grow lights which support the photosynthesis process.

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